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To the Radio Gasbag: THIS is How One Apologizes!

Ed Shultz’ Apology to Laura Ingraham


Ed Shultz, a liberal commentator on radio and on MSNBC, had called conservative radio host, Laura Ingraham (“Dr. Laura”) a “media slut.” That VERY DAY, he issued the above apology, called her and apologized personally, and was suspended without pay for one week. No weasel words. No, “I’m sorry if you were offended,” garbage. He called his own words “vile and inexcusable.” He said that he had embarassed his family and brought harm to his company. He took full responsibility and did not attempt to shift the blame. He didn’t wait until he started losing advertizers or after THREE DAYS of personal abuse for hours at a time. He admitted wrong, took responsibility, asked for forgiveness, and accepted consequences. That’s how it’s done, Gasbag.

Oh, and to conservative columnist, George Will, we liberals do, indeed, “police our own” and the above is only one example. (For another, look how fast Democrats called on Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign for sexting while Republicans continue to support Sen. David Vitter, who loves to dress up in diapers for prostitutes!)


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