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Incarnational Discipleship

Heaven in the Rear-View Mirror–And the Real Christian Hope

Ask many Christians what salvation is all about and they say something about “going to heaven when we die.”  Such a perspective has negative consequences:

  • It leads to neglect of God’s Creation, both in the sense of neglecting its care and in the sense of downplaying its importance–as if God was only rehearsing.
  • It leads to downplaying the importance of life in the body, allowing us to ignore human suffering.

In reaction to these and other negatives, or in realization that “heaven when we die” is not the focus of salvation in Scripture, other Christians focus entirely on this world and this life.  But this is also inadequate.  We have longings and hopes beyond the present life.  And if “heaven when we die” isn’t the point of Christianity, what is? 

Fortunately, Australian theological blogger, Byron Smith has written a great series on this called, “Heaven in the Rear-View Mirror.”  It’s a great series.  If you are a preacher or a Sunday School teacher who has ever had to say something about heaven and felt inadequate, he is a great resource.  I highly recommend it. It is also written in a way that does not take an advanced theological education to follow.   This page links to all the installments.


February 18, 2010 - Posted by | blog series, eschatology, heaven, salvation

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